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Maliza Booysen

I can help you grow your business. Interested?

I make digital and social media marketing easier, by helping you understand what needs to be done, and how to do it.

Personal advice, specific to your business.

Maliza Booysen services


I focus on results:

Immediate insights

Immediate actionable items

Immediate access to what works

Weekly check ins weekly progress assistance to help your business grow

A partner, coach, friend, strategist and experienced digital marketing professional dedicated to helping your business grow.


You’ll never get:

Modules and courses

Information that you don’t need

No pie in the sky dreams

No hours of videos to sit through to find the one thing you need help with

I don’t train you to become a social media expert, because there is no such thing as a social media expert. I don’t train you at all. I work with you, one on one.

What don't you get


What do my clients say

  • Maliza helped us to create a very professional and appealing website and has done a fantastic job! Her professionalism and knowledge is exceptional and timing and quality have met our expectations. Thank you very much Maliza!

    GP Tactical
  • WOW!!!!! You have exceeded my expectations!!! I have never come across a company that is so efficient and proud of what they do! Maliza, you definitely have a winning recipe and surely know how to keep your customers happy! Our company will be 63 years old this year and even though it is a mature company we like to keep up with the latest trends and technology. Thank you for guiding and helping us. We are proud to be associated with your company!

    Die Blou Meul
  • Maliza, helped us conceptualize, develop and build our brand – Metro Urban Valuers. She is truly a wonderful young lady filled with amazing zest, passion and insight. She has an amazing vision and understands every sphere of the social media and digital marketing space. She was very supportive through the entire process and continues to support us for all brand related issues and challenges we face. I highly recommend Maliza and commend her for her ethics and work etiquette.

    Metro Urban Valuers
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