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About Maliza Booysen

I am a social media and digital marketing consultant in South Africa. Well, that’s what I am doing amongst other things. I also run a small social media and digital agency in Johannesburg, and also found the Female Entrepreneurs Network South Africa. But that’s the short version.

Over the last 10 years, I have delved into digital marketing in depth. I made it my business to work on absolutely anything that I could get my hands on. I started right from the bottom in 2007 – when Facebook was released in South Africa.

If you think Social Media is difficult now, you should have tried it back then – you had to learn how to write, read and understand html just to put up a competition on Facebook.

With approximately 13 000 hours spent on Facebook since 2007, I can confidently say that I have learnt a lot. Most of my time was spent helping large corporates, including radio stations, online stores, prestige cosmetics companies and the likes, develop and maintain their social media presence and communities.

I ran campaigns for them, as well as for agencies. I managed internal teams, external teams, and coordinated the whole process of digital marketing from start to finish.

Why do I care about South African Entrepreneurs?

A year ago, I stepped out of the corporate eye, and started my own small boutique agency, Carter & Prince. We’re growing, day by day, but I soon realised my passion lies elsewhere – with entrepreneurs and business owners.


South African Entrepreneurs

In the same year I started Carter & Prince, 2017, I also started a support group for female entrepreneurs. I grew tired of all the success stories, and I wanted to hear the real stories behind entrepreneurship. The late nights. Missing your family and friends. Client problems, cash flow problems, gaining new business problems. There just wasn’t anything out there that I could relate to.

A year later that group has grown to 3000 members. That’s 3 000 members who feel exactly like I did. Everyone clawing at sales, undercutting themselves to make ends meet or to just get a client. They feel like they are working so many hours, and working so hard, but they hit a brick wall in certain areas of their businesses.

What are the reasons small businesses fail in South Africa?

There are many reasons, but the four that stand out the most to me are:

  1. Having to focus on everything by yourself
  2. Starting for the wrong reasons
  3. Not enough research
  4. The wrong skill set and lack of knowledge
  5. No access to networks

How are we as entrepreneurs supposed to focus on our businesses, and run with everything, if we have to not only physically do everything, but we have to learn new skills in order to grow our businesses? It’s a terrible cycle. Get ahead a bit. Stop. Learn first. Try. Fail. Do more research. Try again. Fail again. Give up. Pep talk yourself. Try again.

Win a bit…but not enough.

The more I spoke with entrepreneurs, heard their stories, the more I realised one thing:



But what you also need is support, and someone willing to give you the advice that you need.

Truthful advice.

You need someone that can show you actionable items that can yield results, workable results that work for your business.

Effective digital and social media marketing advice that is not watered down to “fit every business”, but rather is specific to you.

Social Media Consulting

In the entrepreneurs support group, I come across a lot of questions and statements:

  1. I have social media but it’s not working for me
  2. I am trying Facebook ads, but they don’t work. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. How do I set up a website?
  4. I don’t need a business page, I run my business from a profile
  5. I have no budget, how do I advertise my business

Now these, and many other questions and statements I get are not bad questions. They’re good.

They show entrepreneurs are trying, but they can’t seem to get the answers they need to implement into their businesses. And let’s face it who can afford thousands of rands in online courses to become a social media expert when all you need are the elements to give your business the push in the right direction.


Social Media Icons

And, even if you do complete those courses, how much time would you have wasted that you could have spent on growing other parts of your business? You know your business, and unless your business is digital marketing, you don’t need to be an expert too.

In the 2017 State of Small Business Report by XERO, it reports that 34,5% of small business worry about cash flow and 23% are kept awake worrying about future sales.

Some 36% intend spending on marketing to be their biggest investment over the next year. But how do you correctly implement marketing if you do not know how, or where to invest your hard earned money to yield you results?


This is what prompted me to start booking out time in my calendar to dedicate to entrepreneurs, those that are self-employed and business owners, to assist them with their marketing and social media.

I don’t offer social media courses, or digital marketing modules. Nor do I offer pre-recorded material that you need to sift through to get to the one item you need to help your business’s social and digital marketing succeed.

I offer one on one weekly sessions that helps you focus your marketing efforts where they will be most effective.

Social Media and Digital marketing consulting is especially needed in South Africa for that exact reason. That is why I am here. That is why my time, is now become your time.

I am the marketing manager, digital strategist, content creator, social media marketing consultant and online paid media marketer that you need right in the beginning to grow your business, until you can afford to appoint one full time.

Are you ready to get to the point of your business? I am. It’s time for you to focus on your business, when you need it most.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Maliza Booysen

Social Media and Digital Marketing Consultant for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

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